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Presenting, Hosting & Public Speaking


Not only adept behind the camera, Jahawi has hosted TV shows, documentaries and global events.


Host, Windscreen Nairobi

Host, Nat Geo Explorers Festival, London

DJ, Nat GeoExplorers Festival, DC



Scout Film Festival: National Geographic Society: The Power of Storytelling To Illuminate and Protect

Royal Society - You And The Planet: Oceans

Davos Labs Dialogues 30 Days of Green - Theme: Future of Youth Empowerment


National Geographic Storyteller Summit 

Nat Geo Nights | Africa's Last Wild Places

Nat Geo Education: Ocean Event

National Geographic: Europe and Africa Spotlight Online

WCSFP: Woke World: Producing Natural History Post 2020


Co-Host, Grand Teton Awards, Jackson Wild Film Festival

NEWF: Under the Baobab: Nat Geo Storytellers - Stories that bind us

Jackson Wild: Rapid Fire: Images to Change the World, by National Geographic

Jackson Wild: Ocean Projects in the Pipeline

Jackson Wild Media Award Ceremony Co-Host

Nat Geo Explorers Spotlight: National Museums of Kenya



2018 NEWF: Exploring Africa’s Coastline

A Foreign Ocean | Jahawi Bertolli - Explorer Spotlight | National Geographic UK

Meet Jahawi Bertolli, a National Geographic Explorer and wildlife filmmaker capturing the wonders of the underwater world. Jahawi recalls the time he spent as a child on the Kenyan coast exploring the vibrant coral communities which overtime disappeared, leading him to become an underwater filmmaker. With the help of a National Geographic grant, his film, initially focusing on humpback whale migration off the East African coast, turns into a successful conservation story, shedding light on marine protection and community involvement.

Co-Host, PBS, In Our Nature

PBS Digital Studios will also launch IN OUR NATURE, a new six-episode series inspired by LIFE AT THE WATERHOLE that reveals the spectacular life and biology of the Serengeti, and what it says about ecosystems in North America. Hosted by Dr. Joe Hanson of PBS’s popular digital series IT’S OKAY TO BE SMART and produced by Spotzen, each episode highlights a major biological principal best understood through life in the Serengeti. Filmed on location in Tanzania and across the United States, the series is co-hosted by Jahawi Bertolli, a 2019 National Geographic Explorer, wildlife filmmaker, photographer and music producer based in Kenya

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Presenter, Planet Defenders, BBC

Across the globe there are passionate and charismatic young filmmakers battling to protect the planet. This empowering new six-part series for CBBC follows them as they discover more about the threats faced by endangered animals and wildlife and what can be done to conserve and protect them. Jahawi takes the audience on a journey to meet the Kinyika dolphins and reveals more about how he is working to protect them. Working with the Kenyan Marine Mammal Network, Jahawi is hoping to get the area protected as a marine reserve before it is too late.

Co-Host, The Pulse, Eco-flix

The Pulse' is a weekly magazine programme looking at current issues relating to wildlife and the environment around the world. In 2021 & 2022, Jahawi co-hosted the programme with Ella Meek.

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