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Imagine what music was like 50,000 years ago, how would it sound today?

What were the first instruments used by ancient cultures

and are there links to some of the cultures of today?


The Rock Gong project is a mergence of two worlds, two time periods and different cultures, encompassed in an audio scape of the sounds of nature, highlighting our human origins and shining a light on cultures and environments that we are at risk of losing. This year Jahawi is going on an expedition to record ancient rock gongs, and sounds of nature from the environment and cultures that surround them to create an album and documentary. By merging the sounds he records and composing contemporary music he wants to create a connection to our musical and cultural heritage, bringing it to the forefront for a younger generation and creating awareness about the tribes and cultures, that can help us understand our origins, but are at risk of being lost into the modern world.

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